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Hammered Cross Necklace

850,- Eur

hammered diamond bangle

3870,- Eur

diamond baguette circle ring

diamond baguettes in a circle are powerful and sparkling
5420,- Eur

Double row baguette earrings

8900,- Eur

semi baguette studs

3950,- Eur

duo turquoise ring

3250,- Eur

Rose cut bangle

2050,- Eur

messy diamond Bangle

bangle with attitude to stack with other bracelets
2760,- Eur

curvy diamond alliance

1100,- Eur

cross bracelet for men

unpolished bracelet for unpolished men
2440,- Eur

cross bracelet

2440,- Eur

Curvy engagement ring

810,- Eur

baguette necklace

pair this necklace with our baguette circle ring
3460,- Eur

Twisted bracelet

one twisted organic shape
3460,- Eur

Messy bar necklace

a playful basic
1040,- Eur

cross stud

not an ordinary cross stud
190,- Eur

hammered hoops

these hammered hoops just fit my style
1370,- Eur

connected wave ring

connected waves that symbolise your love
2710,- Eur

messy diamond ring

casually dipped in diamonds
1240,- Eur

curvy golden band

imperfect golden band to combine with your favorite stavros rings
810,- Eur

Curvy Hoops

can you handle these curvy hoops?
2080,- Eur

curvy bangle

add some curves to your stavros bangles collection
1640,- Eur

yellow wave ring

our wave ring makes the most beautiful hands
1800,- Eur

Circle Ring

cocktail dress and circle ring: check!
1840,- Eur

Greek Eye Ring

strong symbols for pretty fingers
2320,- Eur

Vintage pinky ring

order our pinky ring with your favourite initials
1280,- Eur

wave necklace

always carry the sea with you
1840,- Eur

yellow circle necklace

the gold circle captures the sunlight on your t-shirt
2800,- Eur

Black Circle necklace

add extra mystery with black diamonds
2480,- Eur

Sparkling hoops

never looked so hot...
4140,- Eur

white tiny cross necklace

delicate touch of crosses
1120,- Eur

turquoise tiny cross necklace

turquoise and diamonds on a sun-kissed skin
1270,- Eur

Eye Bracelet

greek attitude with XL eye bracelet
2460,- Eur

Greek Island Cross

cross for a bohemian
1470,- Eur

Eye necklace

wear our eye necklace to protect you from evil
1490,- Eur

wave ear cuff

perfect diamond waves
800.00,- Eur