care & repair guide

Stavros jewellery is handmade and crafted with precious and delicate materials.
We advise you to follow our care instructions to preserve the beauty of your Stavros jewellery

How to ensure your 18k gold jewellery lasts forever?

  • Take off your jewellery for sleeping, heavy lifting, showers, swimming, workouts, travel,…;
  • Have your lock checked regularly by us since dirt can enter the lock and to ensure proper closing;
  • Open and close the locks of our jewellery with a delicate touch;
  • If you don’t like greasy and dirty diamonds avoid touching them with your fingers and avoid shampoo/soap on the diamonds;
  • Very fine jewellery pieces (small diamonds of 1,2 mm or smaller and a minimal amount of gold) are beautiful, but also delicate, they should be handled with extra care. Squeezing, bending or pressing the jewellery piece should be avoided.

How to clean 18k gold jewellery

Mix a few drops of detergent-free soap with warm water. One piece at a time, soak your jewellery and then use a very soft brush to lightly clean each piece.
Rinse with care. Finally, lightly dry the jewellery with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

How to store 18k gold jewellery

Always store your jewellery in a dry area, like one of our pouches, but don’t keep it stored for too long though – it was made to be worn!

Request a repair

Stavros offers free repair of your jewel within 2 years of purchase if the jewel was used/worn according to our care instructions. We glady clean or re-polish your jewellery for free within 5 years of purchase.


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